Destination Riga

The weather was rainy and hot in the middle of August. You have to carry your umbrella or you get wet like us. People are usually aware of this or they get a cab. We couldn't find a cab for at least 20 minutes and we had to wait inside of a building.

March 28, 2015

What travelling means

I have left my heart in so many places. Every time I leave a place except Istanbul, I feel like a part of me died and I buried there. Unlike other human beings I feel sick when I am home not when I am away home. Germans has a word called: Fernweh. It means: Literally "far sickness" or "longing for far-off places", as contrasted with Heimweh (“homesickness, longing for home”).

March 22, 2015


It was a christmas day and I know lots of places in christian countries are closed. But there are usually a few places open and you can buy food or something. So, I thought it would be the same in Helsinki but no. Only Americanish Burger places and another place, I dont remember the name, looks like the same. That's not I am here for.

March 16, 2015


For many years I had Lithuanian friends. There are many similiraties between Lithuanians and Turkish people. Both do NOT like their own nation and like the other nation :). It is funny but true. I am the same. I like Lithuanians. I know everyone has their own thinking and reasons not to like their own nations.

February 26, 2015


Berlin is an interesting city with lots of opportunities. Whatever you want you will find it for sure. After living in Istanbul, one of the most crowded places in the world, everywhere I go seems tiny and calm. But not Berlin. This city is so alive. This is not a small city at all. It isn't chaotic or crowded like Istanbul.

June 11, 2011 (Updated on October 25, 2014)


Two continents one city. One of the most romantic cities. If you like romance if you like to be in love you could live here.There are thousand of activities which you can find anything anytime. 7/24 living city.

June 11, 2011 (Updated on October 25, 2014)


The first thing I have noticed here is that there are lots of railed public tranportation but yet there are so many cars. Maybe gas even cheaper. I see old buildings in the center. In this angle it is like anywhere else. But I like the way Germans protect their old buildings.

January 21, 2011

A small lovely city called Luneburg

I have heard so nice things about this city. I didn't even know there is a city called Lüneburg. But my relatives suggested and I have no other nor better plans. My cousine also never been there so we go there together. We are going to drive.

January 20, 2011


After having some dinner we walk around and follow the crowd to celebrate the new year. I am not in the mood but this is a different experience. I am watching people who is firing fireworks. Looks cool.

January 19, 2011

A long ride between Paris and Hanover

Train Station is another disaster. However they desined the station you can get draft everywhere. Main reason must be to make people get cold. It must be the only place which makes you feel -2 as -20. I have tried to get some warm drink in a cafe.

January 14, 2011


Finally I was in Paris. The famous city you hear a lot of stories. Shockingly all good stories. It can't be true. And It wasn't. I needed help to get train station to buy my ticket to Hanover. But this snob French people wouldn't even talk in English.

January 12, 2011


Baku, also know as Baki or Baky.The capital city of Azerbaijan. It is near by Caspian sea. There are three major divisions in Baku: Iceri Seher (the ancient city), the Russian built city, and the newest part of the city.

June 2, 2010


This was the second time I have been to Bratislava. 1st time was a very short trip but I had a smell there which makes me want to go there again. Bratislava is a really small place according to Istanbul. Actually almost anywhere seems small.


Prague, Praha

Amazingly beautiful. I never known Prague is so awesome. Prague never lets you go out and i am happy with that. Heaven in the earth. I might tell some names that you should see.



This trip was my first trip to outside of Turkey. And it was the one of best two chocies i have made. I fall in love with Budapest at first sight. People are very nice here and very friendly. In Istanbul, people are friendly too but biggest difference is "RESPECT".

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